APRIL 19th – 5pm

  • Are you stuck on the rower and can’t get any better?
  • Do you hate using it?
  • Can you not understand why you’re not faster?
  • Do your quads blow up before you can even get out of
  • Or maybe you’re pretty good at it but want to get faster?
    Better? More powerful?
  • Or maybe you just want to get better at whatever it is you do?
    I mean why would you settle in your life when you can do
    better, look better, be better? Right?


Project Row is here to teach you not only the perfect and
most efficient technique for the rower but that the application
of learning a new skill will transfer to the rest of your life.



We start with perfecting the sequencing required for
balanced power on the rower. Translated, this means you start
using your elusive butt and core when driving this thing.

Then we figure out why you’re not getting the results on the
rower that you should. Minor tweaks create major change (both
on and off the rower) and correction here will 10x your results.

Then we add power.

Building intensity on a rocky foundation can lead to injury. But on a strong foundation? Well, that makes you unstoppable.



Registration is just $75!


But wait! There’s more!


Jane will also run the group through a goal-setting program she calls ACTION:

A – Awareness

C – Choice

T – Time

I – Intention

O – On It!

N – Now

It’s one thing to achieve a goal, it’s another to maintain it!

  • Key steps to a better life every day
  • Keep the body you worked so hard for
  • Feel proud of yourself
  • Sustain the life of your dreams!


You don’t wanna miss this life changing event!

Registration is just $75!