Laying the Foundations…


1. Know your WHY.

I cannot stress this enough. Use “The 3 P’s“:

“The 3 P’s “is a concept we use in SPEAR when we teach self-defense.


Your reason must be something personal to you. It has to be something that you are passionate about. It has to be something present in your life.

When my wife got pregnant my battle cry became “F*ck sympathy weight!”

I did not want my daughter coming into this world to meet me as a slothy, out of shape dad-bod. Fitness is important to me and I had to set the stage for her.

It doesn’t get more personal than the relationship between a daughter and her dad. Clearly fitness is something I am passionate about and setting the example of living a healthy lifestyle is HUGE for me. Nothing was more present in my daily life than my pregnant wife. Even now, my little girl is a large part of my motivation to continue the journey. Check out my Instagram ūüėČ

Know your why.

2. Have a plan
Know what the plan is. Understand HOW it should work. Knowing the 10,000 ft view will help you make day to day decisions on the ground.

Consider having an RD or fitness coach you trust write a plan for you. In my experience a plan written by a trusted authority is much easier to stick to, even if it’s identical to other plans you’ve seen.

3. Start small
You don’t have to go full tilt boogie on day one, especially if you’re new to the effort. Make one or two small changes at a time and get them figured out.

Try fixing breakfast first. At the end of a week try fixing lunch too. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing…

4. Have the talk
Talk to your husband or wife. Talk to your kids. Talk to your buddies. Tell them that you are doing this and if needed, tell them your WHY. Rather than being obstacles they may be able to offer support.

If someone is a constant obstacle than maybe you need to consider how their presence in your life affects your efforts.

 You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with so be selective, especially if you are trying to make major life changes!

5. Track your progress
Use an app, a spreadsheet, a journal. Find what works for you. It takes practice to learn how to be accurate and consistent but it does get easier as you go along. What you track and how frequently you measure depends upon the plan you are following. One size does NOT fit all.

6. Train for strength
I don’t care if you are gaining or leaning, BUILD MUSCLE. Skinny Fat is NOT AN OPTION.

We will talk about building strength in the weeks to come;)

7. Don’t Panic!
It is not about punishing yourself for bad behavior or rewarding yourself with “cheat meals” for “suffering through”. It’s about building a new relationship with food and exercise, a healthy one.

¬†When we learn to pick ourselves up we learn how to persist and persistence is key. Don’t expect perfection, expect improvement.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or need any help please reach out to me. I’m here for you!

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