CFTC Kicks!

Not just another “Kickboxing Bootcamp”!


CFTC Kickboxing is a FUN yet comprehensive program with structured, progressive workouts and clearly defined nutritional support designed to get you in THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

We will teach you the basics of REAL KICKBOXING, not some watered down variation of step aerobics.

Don’t be intimidated!

This course is meant for ANYONE at ANY LEVEL. We will teach you the basics of punching and kicking in a contructive and SAFE environment. As you progress we will ramp up the intensity to help you BURN FAT. Did we mention this is FUN!!!

  • We will also work to BUILD MUSCLE through resistance training lead by CERTIFIED and EXPERIENCED Strength Coaches.
  • You will learn how to RECOVER to OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE in the gym and MAXIMIZE FITNESS.
  • You will have NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT to fuel your workouts and reach incredible levels of TOTAL BODY FITNESS.
  • You will have FUN!!!



A basic assessment of current fitness, body composition, and weight. We provide a comprehensive outline of the course so you can BRING YOUR BEST to each session. We will also delve into NUTRITION in detail, making sure you walk away with all the support you need to start CRUSHING IT!


THE BASICS. You are gonna learn the proper mechanics of the basic kicks and punches as well as all the terminology you will need. We progress at a safe pace to ensure you are ready for the intensity to come. We will also lay the foundations for propper strength training to BUILD MUSCLE.

WEEK 2-3:

After getting familiar with the movements we will begin to RAMP UP the intensity to help you SHED

WEIGHT and get in shape.


REVIEW and RECOVER. This week is dedicated to continuing to improve fitness while allowing the body to recover. The real challenge lies ahead…

WEEK 5-6:

THIS IS IT! It’s what we’ve been preparing for… The pedal hits the metal as we take what have learned in the previous month of training and BRING THE HEAT! The last two weeks will challenge you, but the previous 4 weeks have preapred you for it. Now we DIVE DEEP, FOCUS, and sprint through the finish line getting in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

Are you ready to make the commitment? The next session begins January 22nd and runs for 6 weeks.

Classes run from 6:30-7:30pm Mon-Thurs with a BONUS workout available Saturdays at 10am

The six week course is $249


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