At Home Thanksgiving WoD Contest!!

CFTC will have a modified schedule the week of Thanksgiving. It is as follows:

November 22nd: Morning and Noon classes ONLY
November 23rd-26th: Gym Closed

The gym will be closed, what will you do?!

Fear not! We got you covered. We are holding a at home Thanksgiving WoD contest!

Here are the rules:
1. Do the At Home Workout of the Day from the comfort of your own home.
2. Upload a clip or action shot of your workout and your score on social media(Instagram or Facebook) or our Facebook CFTC Community group(Click Here). Use the hashtag #CFTCAtHome #CrossfitTwinCities so that we can find your picture or video!
3. To be entered into the contest for the grand prize, you must do all three workouts and be a current member of Crossfit Twin Cities. 

The workouts are below and will be in Zen Planner!

If you have questions about movements and/or scales post on CFTC community group and we will be happy to help you out!

All Males and All Females who complete all the workouts and post their clips and times will be put into a drawing. One male and one female will be chosen at random.

The winners will receive… A FREE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP!!

Friday, November 24th:

100 Burpees
(Make a plan and stick to it!)
Score: Time to complete

Saturday, November 25th: Death by Air Squats

EMOM(Every Minute on the Minute) +1 Air Squats
(1 Air Squat on Minute One, 2 Air Squats on minute 2, etc. until you are unable to finish the round)
Score: Number of COMPLETED rounds

Sunday, November 26th: Bobby Maximus’s 28 Minutes

4x :30/30( 4 rounds, 30 seconds of work/30 seconds of rest)

4x :30/30 Frog Hops
2 minutes rest
4x :30/30 Split Jumps
2 minutes rest
4x :30/30 Burpees
2 minutes rest
4x :30/30 Push Ups
2 minutes rest
4x :30/30 Air Squats

Score is the lowest number for each movement.

This means if you do 100 frog hops the first round and then 10 the next round, your score is 10 for that movement. Pace yourself!

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