The most thorough, most comprehensive, and most personalized training program available.

CFTCU is focused 100% on YOU.


You will work one-on-one with a certified trainer to cover

  1. Basic movements and methodology

  2. Terminology, abbreviations, and shorthand
  3. Personalized nutrition guidelines
  4. Membership Info
  5. Clearly defined goals




This program is one month in duration and includes:

  • A Baseline Assessment of current fitness including body composition analysis
  • 6 Private Training Sessions designed especially FOR YOU to prepare you for regular membership
  • A FREE consultation with our on-staff Registered Dietician to develop a Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • A Goal Setting consultation
  • And a guided entry into Group Classes


At the conclusion of the program you will have a goal, have a plan, and already be more fit and well on your way to reaching your goals!

What it is: 1 month of personalized training to get you started and on the path to fitness success!

What it costs: a one-time payment of $299

How to Get Started: click HERE!

Once you are registered we will reach out to you to schedule your first session.

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Let’s Do This!