“Fran” and Power Output

Calculated for a 185lb, 6ft male “Increased work capacity across broad time, age, and modal domains.”  Work equals force times distance: W = Fd Move a weight a distance and you have done work. Want [...]

Clean Warm Up and Skill Transfer Drills

https://youtu.be/EqHulfT25gM Burgener Warm Up - Clean: 1. Down and Up 2. Elbows High & Outside 3. Muscle Cleans 4. Clean Lands (2”, 4”, 6”) 5. Clean Drop Skill Transfer Exercises - Clean: 1. Push [...]

Snatch Warm Up and Skill Transfer Drills

https://youtu.be/uwUkbySG4VM Burgener Warm Up - Snatch 1. Down and Up 2. Elbows High & Outside 3. Muscle Snatch 4. Snatch Lands (2”, 4”, 6”) 5. Snatch Drop Burgener Skill Transfer Series - Snatch: 1. [...]

An Evening With Bobby Maximus

CFTC is proud to announce that we will be hosting a special seminar with guest speaker Bobby Maximus Rob "Bobby Maximus” MacDonald is the General Manager, Training Director, and Lead Seminar Instructor at Gym Jones [...]

Strength Building: The Very Beginning…

This week we are gonna step away from nutrition and mindset and focus more specifically on Strength Building and even more specifically about how to do it at home without equipment.Let’s not get into geeky [...]

Laying the Foundations…

Before embarking upon any journey it is important to make preparations. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance 1. Know your WHY. I cannot stress this enough. Use "The 3 P's": "The 3 P's "is a concept [...]

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