CrossFit Twin Cities is the area’s premier training facility and one of Minnesota’s original CrossFit gyms. Since our inception in 2008, our mission has been to spread community-based functional fitness to the greater New Hope area by taking the intimidation factor out of starting a new fitness program.


The intensity of our workouts is the linchpin of our safe and effective programs. We ensure every training session is tailored to meet you at your highest level of intensity, ability, and skill proficiency. Our coaches are highly experienced in working with people of all athletic and fitness backgrounds. Whether you’ve never set foot in a gym or you’ve competed at elite levels, you’ll get the proper dose of fitness at every class.



Jason Testimonial “”As a firefighter, I was drawn to Crossfit for the functional fitness and Crossfit Twin Cities has helped me become stronger overall with the fantastic coaching and supportive community.””
– Jason Braun

Megan Testimonial “Joe taught the most important component of being an athlete in strength sports: mental toughness. I would not be where I am today without his guidance.”
– Megan Finnestad

Jack Testimonial “The overwhelming knowledge these coaches have and the support at CrossFit Twin Cities have pushed me to limits I’ve never thought possible.”
– Jack Pearl

Krista Testimonial “I came to CrossFit as a runner, looking for a way to add some strength training to my running routine. In the 1+ year since I have joined, it has been amazing to see the changes in my strength, in my appearance, and my overall fitness ability. I now CrossFit more than I run because I love it, but best of all I can still get out there and crush my old running times when I get the urge to race!”
– Krista Nielsen


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Laying the Foundations…

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A Training Experience Like No Other

Have fun getting fit with amazing people, great music, and experienced trainers in the best training facility around.